1 Simple Step to Have A Huge Impact in Your Social Media Interactions

If you imagine having an offline conversation online each time you post on social, your engagement rate will undoubtedly increase.

A really easy way to do this is by using this simple way to personalize your responses or mentions of people in your posts.  The video above shows how easy this really is but has an. enormous impact!

It’s a known fact that the one thing that people love to hear more than anything else is their name.  This goes back to where Dale Carnegie mentions it in his world renowned book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” Doing this when responding someone on social is so easy but you must take one extra step.

When you start typing somone’s name in a post, or reply to their comment, their name will show – but it’s both their first and last names that you will see.

By simply backspacing or deleting their last name, you will leave their first name in place, with the tag remaining, and they will still receive a notification that they have been tagged or mentioned in a  comment!

It may seem somewhat insignificant, but it truly does make a big difference and has a subconscious impact on the recipient of the mention.