Instagram Direct Is About To Get A Lot Better

Facebook Messenger has been getting a lot of love and attention over the past few years. But, now it looks as though Zuckerberg is being more attentive to Instagram’s Direct messaging.

Per Adweek, the social network will be adding some new features to Instagram Direct messages, making using the Facebook family of apps easier for small businesses to better manage their customer communications.

New features will include labels, search, and folders to help businesses stay organized.  However, my favorite additions will be the ability to implement instant replies, away messages and the simplicity of using saved replies of frequently asked questions.


This is in addition to some upcoming features being added to Instagram‘s desktop experience, including the ability to use Instagram Direct.  But, after conducting a little research, it seems that either people don’t ever use the desktop version of Instagram, or didn’t even know it existed!  So, I’m not seeing how this is a very big deal, but hey, what do I know? 😉

Personally, I’m really looking forward to when Instagram Direct is given even more love… like incorporating the ability to activate a chatbot like we can over on Facebook Messenger.  And integrate/link together Instagram Direct with Facebook Messenger so that they (and even Whatsapp) can be used as a single platform.  Or at least that they speak with one another so that what is typed on one platform is automatically pulled into the others. I’m sure these features are coming, but what’s taking so long?!

What feature(s) are you expecting to see rolled out with private messaging in the coming months?