How to Grow your Instagram Followers Fast!

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Fast

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Here’s The Secret

Having a large follower count is something we all strive to possess –  it’s a status, a statement of how likable you are… a popularity contest.  It’s like high school; the more friends you have the better you are.

Right?  WRONG!

Getting followers on Instagram is not a sprint.  It’s a marathon of tactics and strategies that must be consistent.  And when I say consistent, I mean consistent for a long time.  So, if you’re looking for a fast, easy way to build your followers on Instagram, it’s simply not going to happen.  No matter what that supposed ‘Social Media Guru’ tells you! 

"I want to buy some followers."

Currently, we get asked to help companies build their Instagram followers more than anything else.  If we hear someone request that they want us to buy them some followers, we will emphatically say, “NO!!  Absolutely not!!”

And here’s why.  There is no such thing as buying REAL followers.  That would be like buying real friends!  It doesn’t happen.  When you purchase followers, you are purchasing BOTs, fake followers, or followers that will have zero interest in what you have to offer in your Instagram posts.  

Fake Followers on Instagram

Of those that have zero interest, they will unfollow you, and of the others, they will make your follower count look better on the outside, but the engagement on your posts (likes and comments) will not increase and let’s hope no one clicks on your followers to see who’s following you…

How Do You Rank?

Curious to know how many of your own Instagram followers are real vs fake?  Enter your Instagram handle here and you'll find out in about 30 seconds.  You can do this for your competitors Instagram account too. This tool also allows you to see how engaging your content is too.


So what can you do to grow your Instagram follower count?  

  • Attract Your Audience:  Consistently provide content that you believe attracts your target audience(s).  And you don’t have to just believe it, you can look at your analytics and see first-hand which posts you have published have performed the best and, more importantly, which haven’t.  This way there’s no guess work, it’s all right there in the data Instagram provides.   
  • Encourage Engagement:  If you want people to feel connected to you, you need to connect with them.  Asking simple questions is one of the best ways to do this.  An example of this would be, if you’re a restaurant owner, for example, asking which topping do you like on your pizza, with a picture of a delicious looking pizza slice.  People also remember a company longer when they interact with them.  
  • Interact With Others:  It’s equally important to go outside your social profile and comment on others’ posts – especially those that you feel would benefit from seeing your Instagram content.  By interacting with your potential customers or clients, your Instagram account name will pop up in their notifications and they may be curious to see who you are – which is all the more reason to ensure that you are creating consistent content that resonates with them.
  • Hashtags:  Probably not something you haven’t heard before, but it’s not just about using hashtags.  It’s about using the right hashtags.  There’s a strategy around pulling the best hashtags based on the number of your followers.   Here’s how it works: Let’s say you have less than 1,000 followers.  Then you should be focusing at least half of your hashtags that have less than 1,000 posts.  Great, so how do you find this out?  Pull up your Instagram account and go to the search function and start typing in the word that you believe you want to use as one of your hashtags.  I’m using “vacationrentals” for this example.  
Hashtag search results

There's no such thing as buying REAL followers on social media. That would be like buying real friends. #InstagramTips #SocialMediaTips #FollowerGrowth

A list of suggested hashtags will appear with a number and the word posts next to it.  You’ll want to look for those that have either 500+ or 1000+ posts, as shown above.  These are the ones that you should absolutely use.  Why?  Because, while #vacationrentals is very popular, if you use it as one of your hashtags and you only have about 1,000 followers, your post will show for probably about 3 seconds.  Whereas, if you use #vacationrentalsbyowners, your post should stay near the top of the hashtag search result images for weeks (or even months, depending on how viral that hashtag becomes).  

Now don’t get us wrong, we definitely recommend using more popular hashtags, but make sure that you mix up those that are popular and those that are not so popular in each of your posts.  

Interested in learning more about how to grow your (healthy and real) follower count?  Click the icon in the bottom right of the screen to connect with us now.

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