1 Simple Step to Have A Huge Impact in Your Social Media Interactions

If you imagine having an offline conversation online each time you post on social, your engagement rate will undoubtedly increase.

A really easy way to do this is by using this simple way to personalize your responses or mentions of people in your posts.  The video above shows how easy this really is but has an. enormous impact!

It’s a known fact that the one thing that people love to hear more than anything else is their name.  This goes back to where Dale Carnegie mentions it in his world renowned book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” Doing this when responding someone on social is so easy but you must take one extra step.

When you start typing somone’s name in a post, or reply to their comment, their name will show – but it’s both their first and last names that you will see.

By simply backspacing or deleting their last name, you will leave their first name in place, with the tag remaining, and they will still receive a notification that they have been tagged or mentioned in a  comment!

It may seem somewhat insignificant, but it truly does make a big difference and has a subconscious impact on the recipient of the mention.

Facebook Lead Results

The One Magic Word To Facebook Ad Success

By now you have probably taken a stab at creating some Facebook Ads to get your content in front of more of your target audience(s) eyes, since we are all know that any significant organic reach is something long gone (unless you are a household name like Wendys and having public fist fights on Twitter with Burger King…).

Yes, organic reach is a thing of the past for the vast majority of small to medium sized business owners but all is not lost!  There is still lots that can be accomplished with very little investment through advertising on Facebook.

We’ve been running Facebook ads for our clients for close to ten years now and still, to this day, we are learning how to achieve the absolute best results.  We do this for two reasons.  First because we love continually refining our work – it’s kinda a turn on 😈– and second because we consider your advertising money OUR advertising money.  We hate wasting our own money and will do whatever it takes to make it go as far as we can make it go – and we do the exact same thing for each and every one of our clients.  We think they like that about us. 🤗. Which brings us to the point of this post.

There is one magic word to Facebook Ad success

One word that we say three times, like you say “Location, Location, Location” in real estate to emphasize it’s importance…  




Creating Facebook Ads which gets amazing return on investment is absolutely a science.  And we’re not just saying that to make it sound hard.  Oh, it’s hard, don’t get us wrong!  But just like science, there’s a whole bunch of testing going on!  And we never stop testing, and nor should you.


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To us, it’s a competition.  Like limbo dancing!  How low can you go?!

And now that we’ve been testing for some time (almost 10 years) we’ve got some pretty impressive cost per results to share…

Facebook Ads Under $0.10 CPLP

This is our latest Facebook Ads results from one of our clients.  As you can see from the far right column, our cost per landing page view (those who stay on the landing page for longer than 3 seconds) are all under $0.09/CPLP.  In addition, the second from left column shows the CTR (click through rate) on the Facebook Ad link are all above 11% – up to almost 35%!!  That’s 35% of people that saw the ad, clicked through to the landing page!!  

Not impressed yet?

Facebook Leads Under $1.00

YES!!  We are seeing CPL (cost per lead) running at UNDER $1.00 with over 10% click through rates!

If you’d like to have us run your Facebook (and Instagram) Ads for your business, please click the yellow  chat icon on the bottom of your screen.  This is our passion.  Let us bring our passion (and the results) to you!  

2020: What Are Your Customers Seeing?

2020: What Are Your Customers Seeing?


When Did You Last Post To Your Facebook Page or Website Blog?

It’s still considered a New Year (I think we can get away with saying that until at least the third week of January, don’t you?!), which means we should all be thinking about cleaning up and starting fresh, right?

Well, while that’s true for many people when it comes to healthy living resolutions, it should also be for when you’re thinking about your social and online footprint.  

Remember last year (or maybe the year before) when you decided to create a new blog… and then after four or five posts you kinda lost interest or got busy with other things?  Or maybe you created a niche Facebook Group or Page for your target market but then didn’t maintain it with consistent content and it’s now been sitting idly for 8 or 9 months?

Imagine if you went to a website blog, Facebook Group or Page of a company you were interested in conducting business with – whether it was for a mortgage, a car,  restaurant or anything – and they didn’t show any signs of activity on these platforms, you may ask yourself, “Are they still in business?”

If you have dormant social platforms or website blogs, you may want to think about deleting them (or at least archiving them) so that you don’t have people asking this of you. 

Another option is to have someone take care of these really worthy efforts of keeping you top of mind with prospective buyers and sellers – shoot us a message by clicking on the orange icon on the bottom right of your screen if you’d like to know more about what we can do for you and keep you alive, online!

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