Messenger vs Social Media for Business

Email Marketing vs Messenger Marketing

Remember that sound back in the 90’s (?!) when you got an email?  “DING!  You’ve got mail!”  How exciting was that?!  Wow.., those were the days…

Today, I bet if I had a million people in a room, not a single one would be jumping up and down at that sound or the notifications of getting another email.  Not one!  In fact, I’d be willing to be that they would shudder.

This isn’t great for businesses who rely on mostly free methods of communication, such as eMail.  But, things change and so we must adapt and change too.

Enter: Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing is the newest and most exciting form of communication that has hit the internet in years.  Messenger, which is the texting platform you use to privately chat with your friends (and possibly potential customers on your Facebook Page) was launched a whopping 8 years ago (August 9th, 2011, to be exact) but has only just begun to pick up attention with businesses across the world.

Messenger allows you to share text-based messages, images, video and much more.  Setting appointments, scheduling, making phone calls, making payments… it’s truly a beast of a machine.   But when it comes to email marketing vs messenger marketing, there’s one aspect that truly stands out above all else.

Engagement is King

The engagement produced from Messenger marketing is 5-10x that of eMail marketing – with eMail seeing open rates between 5-10% while Messenger is at 95-99%, and click-through rates of eMail are seen at a dismal 2-5%, while Messenger is at award-winning rates of between 55-75%!  


5-10% Open Rate
2-5% Click-through Rate


95-99% Open Rate
55-75% Click-through Rate

While this is all really great news, we must be very aware of how fragile these rates with Messenger are.  Any sniff of it being used as a spamming platform and Facebook will undoubtedly make some massive changes to how businesses can use it…

In fact, it’s already started to happen.  Facebook is rolling out some significant changes in January 2020 which will affect the way in which messages can be sent via Messenger without prior subscription approval – which I am 100% behind.

What we don’t want to do is jeopardize yet another communication outlet and make it useless for future use.

Let's Play Nice

Maybe I’m naive, but my hope is that businesses will not abuse this outlet of reaching people but play nice inside these new four walls and engage with people the way they would like.  With valuable, purpose-driven, relevant messages.  

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Why messenger marketing

Why Messenger Marketing?

  • Why messenger marketing

If you are within pretty much any generation, you can probably count the number of times you have spoken with a business on the phone versus communicating with them via a messaging platform. Not only do you no longer prefer conversing via phone, but you probably can’t stand reading emails either.

You’re not alone!

This is how much of Gen Y, Gen X and now Gen Z feel and so it’s imperative that businesses and their marketers need to switch how they interact with their potential clients.

10 reasons why you should be using Messenger Marketing

  • An average open rate on Messenger using Upright Avenue is 97%!
  • An average click through rate (to your website) is 65% (email is usually less than 6%)!
  • Email has been overcrowded (and overwhelming) for years
  • Open rates on emails (or even opting in for an email subscription) has been decreasing year after year too.
  • Opting into a Messenger app is much easier than email ever was or will be
  • There is no friction in becoming a subscriber for the end user – and therefore, very simple to be added to your database of potential clients
  • Facebook ads that drive to Messenger are up to 4x cheaper than ads that drive outside of the Facebook platform, because Facebook wants you to stay within their platform.
  • Messenger is 100% mobile friendly.
  • Communication on a Messenger app is effective, reliable and instantaneous.
  • BOTs can be customized to limitless audiences – high end buyers, low end buyers, first time buyers, vacation home buyers, international buyers… you name it, you can create it.

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