About The Brand

Upright Avenue, LLC was founded in 2019. The marketing team has been working and consulting in digital marketing for a combined 18 years, specializing in social media, conversational marketing and curating engagement-driven content.

Our mission is to bring real interactions back into marketing, giving small businesses the personal branding they need to not only be successful, but truly valuable to their customers.

We are passionate about helping others, and it shows.

Over the course of the past 10 years working within social media marketing, we have:

  • Driven more than 400 million unique visitors to brand websites through owned social alone. That’s without a single dollar spent on advertising.
  • Grown brands’ follower count from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.
  • Increased engagement rates to quadruple that of the average brand online.

None of this is done by chance. All of it is done through years of trial and error, A/B testing and refinement. Now, we can bring this knowledge to you.

The way consumers want to communicate has changed.

For the past 10 years, social has played a role in getting brands out in front of billions of people day after day.  And, yes, it has been highly profitable for the mass majority of businesses.  However, things have begun to change with how customers want to interact, and be interacted with, and with this change we must adapt – now.

Through training, coaching, and where necessary, fulfilling various strategies and tactics, UpRight Avenue will help businesses provide the most personal, most valuable, and most sought-after experience to each and every customer that comes into contact with them.  Through these experiences, customers will be delighted, share their story of working with the business, and bring consistent increased revenue.

The power of positive experiences is like no other – in life and in work.  We’re excited to bring these to you and your business.

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