2020: What Are Your Customers Seeing?

2020: What Are Your Customers Seeing?

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When Did You Last Post To Your Facebook Page or Website Blog?

It’s still considered a New Year (I think we can get away with saying that until at least the third week of January, don’t you?!), which means we should all be thinking about cleaning up and starting fresh, right?

Well, while that’s true for many people when it comes to healthy living resolutions, it should also be for when you’re thinking about your social and online footprint.  

Remember last year (or maybe the year before) when you decided to create a new blog… and then after four or five posts you kinda lost interest or got busy with other things?  Or maybe you created a niche Facebook Group or Page for your target market but then didn’t maintain it with consistent content and it’s now been sitting idly for 8 or 9 months?

Imagine if you went to a website blog, Facebook Group or Page of a company you were interested in conducting business with – whether it was for a mortgage, a car,  restaurant or anything – and they didn’t show any signs of activity on these platforms, you may ask yourself, “Are they still in business?”

If you have dormant social platforms or website blogs, you may want to think about deleting them (or at least archiving them) so that you don’t have people asking this of you. 

Another option is to have someone take care of these really worthy efforts of keeping you top of mind with prospective buyers and sellers – shoot us a message by clicking on the orange icon on the bottom right of your screen if you’d like to know more about what we can do for you and keep you alive, online!

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