One change to your instagram strategy you need to make now

The One Change You Must Make To Improve Your Instagram Strategy Now

Let’s start off with some impressive Instagram stats you’d probably love to know:

  • Over 1 Billion users visit Instagram each month
  • More than 500 million of these users are active each day
  • 31% of Instagram users have an income over $75k per year
  • Brands see engagement rates 10x higher than on their Facebook Pages
  • Posts containing video receive 38% more engagement than their image counterparts
  • It can take up to 19 hours for a post to receive 50% of it's engagement
  • 70% of users look up a brand in the search bar of Instagram
  • More than 200 million users visit a Business profile at least once a day

What can we do with all this potential traffic?

With Instagram seeing these kinds of active visitors each and every day, having just a single link to drive traffic to your website from Instagram organically can be not only challenging but pretty frustrating too.  Unless, of course, you have over 10,000 followers and then you can drive traffic from your Stories, but having that many followers is not the case for most.

Businesses, small and large, have dabbled in ways to help ease this frustration with some success, but some are doing so without knowing that the traffic they are generating from Instagram is not being captured by their website, but by another. and are two examples of where this is taking place.  Every click that is generated from these links in an Instagram profile bio is generating website traffic numbers for them and not you.  

But there’s good news!  There’s a very simple way to accomplish what services like and tap-bio offers.  

Instagram Profile Bio Links

By creating your own landing page on your own website, you can then include all the links you want on your page, versus that owned by these other services, and keep that traffic to yourself!

Instagram Link Landing Page Example
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Your landing page should include links that are evergreen so that you do not have to constantly worry about changing them.  These calls to action can include:

  • View ________ here
  • Watch this video about ________ 
  • Additional Social Profile links
  • Contact Opportunities

Since it is also your own website, you can include items such as social buttons, links to your blog, and any specials you want to highlight.

Once you have completed your landing page, simply add the url of the page to your bio on your Instagram profile.  Ensure that your saved url is short and concise in what people are clicking away to so as to maximize your clicks.  You can also use services like or to customize your url for additional analytics.

Need help setting your landing page up?  Let us know through the chat link to the bottom right of the screen.