We bring interactions back into social media.

UpRight Avenue brings real interactions back into social media, giving small to medium sized businesses the personal branding and voice they need to not only be successful, but truly valuable to their customers.

Social Media Marketing

Proven paid and organic engagement-driven tactics and strategies.

Messenger Marketing

Get clicks to your website at rates only Messenger can bring.

Content Creation

Consistent, valuable and engaging original content.

Marketing Consultation

We'll help grow your business Up and to the Right.

Digital Solutions
Real Results

Being top of mind is a constant goal for any business.  

Achieving that goal can be challenging.

Let us take care of your online marketing – while you do what you do best.

Upright Avenue - bringing real interactions back to social media

Who Is
UpRight Avenue?

Upright Avenue, LLC was founded by Suzanne Hawken. Our team of marketing experts have been working and consulting in digital marketing for the past 18 years, specializing in social media, engagement-driven conversational marketing, and creating and curating valuable, personalized content.  We believe trust must be earned, one customer at a time.

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The Tides are Turning. Nothing stays the same.  Every day, everything around us is different than the day before.  And, some things are good, while

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We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, close to San Francisco and San Jose international airports.

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